Villa Star of the Sea - Sea Turtle Preservation

Villa Star of the Sea, Sea Turtle Preservation


Villa Star of the Sea, Sea Turtle Rescue

Sea Turtle Extinction


The Mexicn Governments have made inroads to protect and preserve thr three main species of sea turtles from predators through education and hands-on experiences. The growing human population, coupled with the changing demographics of the coastal region in the past one hundred years, has dramatically altered the habitat, and thus, the reproductive cycle of the turtles. By 1988, pressures from coastal development, poaching, shrimp fishing, natural predators, and tourism reduced a population of tens of thousands to less than 200 nesting turtles per year.

ECOBANA Ecological Group from Barra de Navidad in Jalisco have joined forces with Villa Star of the Sea (Villa Estrella Del Mar) and Playa Grande Resort on Playa Los Coco to collect and provide Sea Turtle eggs safe sanctuary where they may lay undisturbed, free from predators until hatched. They are then allowed to make their way back to the ocean, where they continue the cycle of life.

Near these two properties, sanctuaries have been built to provide habitat for the eggs. Beach patrols are done daily through the winter months to collect and preserve the eggs until they are ready to hatch.

Population of Sea Turtles Seriously Declining


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